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One Million Random Digits by Bjørn & Ulf The only source material used for this arrangement is the digits in the famous book “A Million Random Digits” (from 1955). Numbers in the book was first made into raw sound (noise), then processed and arranged. The raw sound can be download here
One Million Random Digits by Ulf Rørbæk

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It takes more than notes to impress me.

As the years pass we tend to develop a different pallet of likes and dislikes and loves. It seems the older I get, the more picky I become musically. Guitar riffs bore me to death, and that’s the majority of the guitar music that is coming forth these days, but sometimes I am impressed. Being a guitarist myself you would say, hypocrite, not so, basically the depth of guitar and music for that matter is lost in many areas these days so it’s no wonder I was un-wowed by Emo and other forms of music since early 2000. The true artist is lost to the mass of so-called musicians. We live in a time where everyone wants to be a musician, or everyone is a musician.

Can everyone be poets? No of course not, where would the romance be if that were true, yet everyone is a poet, do you see my point? Beat-makers a plenty is today’s world of music. One is a so-called drummer, one is a so-called guitarist, he/she can play a few chords and form a band and have fun, music is more than that. It’s a depth that is so intense that it makes you feel as if you’re rising off the ground. I haven’t heard much guitar music that gives me chills since the late 90s, and that comes from taste and being a little more selective than others, this isn’t my fault, it’s just the way things are. So in this regard I simply go backwards into what I love, I did grow up to many things, guitar music in the 90s was pretty amazing, ever feel chills listening to AIC? I did and still do, and I’m not super into listening to Grunge as much these days, I still enjoy it at times, it is in fact the music I grew up to. Electronic was my 2nd love, guitar the first. Don’t forget Radiohead, amazing music.

So I began playing guitar in 1992 then came to experiment with electronic about 1998, over the years from 2000 - I’ve heard a lot of music that bores me to death, I literately turn off whatever noise machine I’m hearing, radio or television and go looking for something that moves me, I’m spoiled, can’t help it. When you have a Classical taste, “this is a figure of speech” you want more that a couple of heavy chords, you want substance, I’m hungry I say, so I go looking for intelligent music that eventually fulfills me. In the past more people would explore music in big ways, during the 80s there were these avant-garde groups such as Dalis Car [1984], Peter Murphy - Bauhaus and Mick Karn - of Japan, I never heard this music until about 3 years ago, you can imagine how I felt hearing it, amazing work.

A lot of these gems are hidden in the past, but thanks to the Internet we can now find them. Take today’s underground music, such brilliant musicians I’ve met. Brokenkites, Wasaaga, and 3dtorus and a few others and thankfully I know them. These are what I call ‘artists’ real musicians, they move me, it takes a lot to move me, just as I have to make music to move myself, EDM does not move me, Dubstep does not, but the real passionate spirit of a talented person who isn’t just pushing buttons does. Call me a music snob I don’t care, let’s hear something that is brilliant for a change, math rock is getting old and Electronic music is still far from being explored, the hidden artists are doing things that no ears have heard before, yet these people are ignored to the greatest degree, while pop-media is #1. Do you realize that the music that has been played outside the underground has sounded that way for over 15 years? That’s a pretty sad thing isn’t it? So clearly the depth is lost with repetition and drone-like guitar muddiness that never seems to change, Cold Play anyone? Now you understand..

Almark 9.19.2014

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Don’t care, just write music.

The beauty of the Internet when you have some presence in your music is you don’t have to care about many things. The moment that we start to care about reviews, people listening to our music and money is when we derail and lose focus. Social media is two-way street, it’s good and it’s also bad. When used as a tool it creates a joy ‘as long as it doesn’t eat up your time.’ Getting away from it is key to productivity, and this might sound hard, but it isn’t, just do it and you’ll see. When the musician stops trying to please anyone, even themselves is when their music comes to life and has a chance to go it’s own way, we cannot spend our entire life slaving over perfection, and while I have my own battle with this, through wisdom, it is better to be happy with your creation than to carve it until your chisel breaks off.

Imperfection is imagination and the artist does not need to polish his stone until it looks fake, a little roughness is good, a few nicks here and there allow for the human element. Radio and reviews are another thing, not everyone will respond to your requests of ‘will you listen to me.’ Are we arrogant? Should we expect even the most minute of media outlets to listen to noise? Is it so important that we take time to send music to various websites, only to be ignored via e-mail? None of it really matters actually. It is better in my opinion and certainly more rewarding when someone discovers what you are doing than continually having to put yourself out there, and while sometimes this is necessary, it isn’t always needed. The less you care the better you are, and the better you are the more music comes into your heart and mind. Music needs solitude, we can’t always write under stress and worrying creates stress, a killer to any musician.

Between the worry and the art, where does the ambition come from? Apathy, just think about yourself only, ignore the longing to be heard and work only for yourself, then you will find that you are fullfilling just what you need. If for years no one heard your music, then why does it matter now? The need to express what you are doing is important sometimes and then again it’s not about fame or ego, it’s about showing someone or many how you feel about a certain thing. I will speak about Social media again, the very thing that eats away our lives, takes our every movement away from us. The less we are typing to our friends, making posts about something that will never be read again, the better we are. The mind clears, much like when we stop watching television, we were never made to keep focus on trivial things. These distractions create a chasm inside of us and we are hampered and cannot function. Taking a step back and evaluating how much time you spend in social media can be your answer to all your focus problems, because quite frankly we don’t put our face in crowds 24 hours a day, why should we in social media? 

The idea is to write music, don’t think, experiment and enjoy, without enjoying the thing you do, it robs you from your happiness and we became a slave to it and become depressed, do we want to slave over our hobby or our passions? I certainly don’t, and if you think music will make you a career let yourself first come to loving it other than making it big. I believe that over time the less we care about meaningless things the more they happen and things actually fall into place, sure dreams are good to have, but don’t allow them to engulf your desires, there has to be room for everything, because, good things come to those who wait. Until next time.

Almark 9.15.2014

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The unorthodox musician

By Almark

Music in a whole these days is very common, what I mean by that is, the kick drum is heard in all music; except Classical and maybe cinema. Electronic music is a driving force much like the heart is a beating drum inside of us, between the two they both make sound. But what if there was a way to convey music without sound? What if there was a way to take away the kick drum, snare,…

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artist profile - wasaaga. on Vimeo



Watch this. Cool artist. Pretty beach. Music


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The unorthodox musician

By Almark

Music in a whole these days is very common, what I mean by that is, the kick drum is heard in all music; except Classical and maybe cinema. Electronic music is a driving force much like the heart is a beating drum inside of us, between the two they both make sound. But what if there was a way to convey music without sound? What if there was a way to take away the kick drum, snare, hi-hats and other percussion that we’re so use to hearing? To achieve these things and still feel you are hearing and feeling drums is what I do, much like an artist paints their masterpiece. When you’ve written Electronic music for more than 14 years you like to try new things for each piece of art, the sheer boredom for me at least comes from using the same kick drum sample 10 times in a album, when I could use something like a car tire going flat to make Industrial emotions. The seeking to go beyond these things did happen once and I am trying to find my way back into that unknown realm of music. The Avant-Garde, the abstract, there really is no name for it, it is simply a cone of silence in terms of removing the need for drums. One can appreciate this if one has the thinking involved in seeking such a thing and if music cannot progress or morph into other mediums it ends up sounding 20 years old and repeated from a earlier genre, thus boring me if I did that on my own. I cannot stress enough how great it is to progress, to change even slightly or extreme to fulfill one’s desire to do something more daring and more unique than the last song or should I say portrait. Portraits in sound, emotion in water. It is almost an obsession to seek such mediums but when you find samples that have certain timbres then you have found your gem. This is all very cryptic what I am speaking and to some the language may be understandable. Most musicians start music with either drums or instruments, but there is more to it than this, it is much like an alchemist who mixes his potions in such a way that he makes the unknown drink. This drink is what I seek to accomplish. In my album before -ATD- I was following this by complete accident, the avant-garde emotion, the abstract tailored to my soul, it was like my soul was singing and I was happy, this album is called “Thought Patterns in Documentary’ Form” though simple it is complex to listen to, with its changing moods and settings to it’s bombastic sampling and using thought as a means to percussion I was able to enter into a place I had not before, I felt fulfilled, this same excitement has not been felt since this album in 2013. But fear not I am still on the journey back to the door, how will I know I made it? You know when you’ve come there when you feel intense emotion that you can’t explain, it’s as if you’ve entered into a euphoric shrine of sound. You can listen to this album I speak below and while it does not approach the obvious, to some it is prolific, to me it is special and what I hope to build or find more of in my writing of music.

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Thought Patterns in ‘Documentary’ Form - 06 Plane ride to London by Almark - Syntho Electro

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If my memory serves me that is from “Return to Witch Mountain”


If my memory serves me that is from “Return to Witch Mountain”

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Sorry, I don’t sound like Aphex Twin, not even close, it’s good to be in my own world.
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Make it viral, great electronic music.

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We are the New Underground

I’m inviting a select few but if you add your electronic music and it’s very good and original I’ll be sure to add you to the group. Please I’m not looking for EDM, brostep, as they call it or hiphop, unless it’s artistic without vocals, hiphop, you get the idea.

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