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This world effects our attitude sometimes.

This world effects our attitude sometimes.

By Almark

By nature we’re not angry or resentful, we grow up conditioned. It starts with kids who pick on you, they might not even touch you, they simple pick at you at a early age, calling you names usually, then later you get the real bullies. Then we grow up, go through the usual relationships, bad breakups, good break ups, being fired from our jobs or not having real success. I’m the observer…

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I’m bitter at the music industry.

And I’m not the only person who is, I’m also not someone to give up easy, I’ll fight till the end, but when it plays on my emotions it’s time to stop. It was as easy as making a decision, once I made this decision but it didn’t stick because I had some hope left in me but now… The decision was easy, stop selling, stop asking and stop promoting to sell. There is a huge drop in album sales from 2013 - 2014 for everyone, the music industry has become a failed business, and it might work for some, it’s not working for most. I want to get back to making music, ignoring sales, ignoring the worry of it, because I can’t do it anymore, it was driving me insane and putting me in a fowl mood.

The attitude has shifted back to the time before I setup Paypal that is 2013, before I tried to sell, I was happier, I had more spirit in me to make music. Having that nagging feeling, even a little bit “will I sell” I’ll try to sell today, and then you get no results is pretty annoying to anyone, and my patience is only so much. Do or die in this world, well I’ll burn one bridge to save another, if it was my way I would well, I better not.

This might sound bleak but I predict in the next couple of years that music sales will drop even more, until finally no musician outside of a label will be able to sell more than 10 albums a year, it’s a failed business, I don’t make these things up. I do try to be positive about things but my god man, when you fight that much and promote till you drop and actually get some sales in the beginning then nothing, then dead and dead for months on end after a while it’s like why continue?

A person gets tired of asking, tired of begging, buy my music, buy, i know you listen but will you buy? It’s both mentally exhausting and degrading. This decision might not last forever, but it feels good for now, and with me when I close a door it’s closed tightly and only my will can open it again, and usually I don’t will it to be open, until next time..

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People keep telling me that my music sounds like “Aphex Twin” and while this is flattering, it was never the intention. I do my own thing.
Yet, Aphex Twin isn’t a influence, Severed Heads was back in 2000 for me, and that music is so different, no one sounds like Tom Ellard. I have many so-called influences, but I’m a eclectic musician, and do many things, so I guess you’re right.
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I don’t have to pay, I can stream music all day.

That’s the kind of mentality kids have today when it comes to downloading music, the Internet has allowed a 5 finger giveaway. But is it right to have this mentality? Most people these days have this idea that it’s ok to stream music for free and never try or donate to their favourite artists. It never enters their mind. The age of streaming has killed any chance a musician has to make even 20 dollars from their albums, I was reading that most hang it up from lack of payment. Yet some of us continue to make music regardless of money, that still doesn’t make it right to act that way though. Who makes the music, you or them? If they in their heart wanted to buy the album months from now that’s a different story, but I’ve spoken to some who flat out believe that streaming is their free ticket and screw the musician, he can find another way to make money. Is that a fan? No.. When I was a kid in the 90s no music was free, unless you found a bootleg your friend recorded on tape, and while your friends could record music for you it was very much under control. These days it’s completely out of control, go to a site, find what you’re looking for and download, or worse, find a full album of a indie musician you like and download the album from YouTube, leaving them no donations, no payment or thank you. It seems we’re living in a age of complete disregard for other people’s livelihood. A indie musician cant even make enough money from music to buy a car, yet alone live in a 1 bedroom apt, I wonder why we even try to sell our music, what’s the connection? Hope, yeah it’s hope or something, but we do what we do best, make music regardless of selling it, and when people actually do buy we are more than happy to get their sale, even if we sell 10 albums. Until next time.

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With me, all you get is honesty, honestly…
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This is the best gif you’ll ever see


This is the best gif you’ll ever see

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Did you know that music doesn’t come from a Laptop?
The oversaturated samples that are used these days came from ‘keyboards’ and software, a human made them with their fingers.
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I do grow tired of hearing every new ‘beat maker’ rapper, soloist who just started calling themselves a Producer, it’s not correct.
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Update photo of studio Aug, 15, 2014

Yamaha DJX replaced with Alesis Q61 MIDI controller. Totally new computer on the left, built by me, custom made for audio production and gaming.. 

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I can’t bare to call myself a producer, even though I do that and more.
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Unboxing of Alesis Q61 Midi Controller, it arrived yesterday. Thank you for your donations, I made about 40 dollars from them and put the rest I had with it, the keyboard was about 139 dollars. This keyboard was much needed.

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The hidden music of the Internet

Have you ever felt like looking for something new, maybe a certain style of music and go to YouTube or Soundcloud, even Bandcamp? There are so many great unknown musicians out there but they’re barely heard. The average person already has what they want. Since there are so many amazing musicians on these sites, it makes me wonder why more than half only have 10 views or 300 views. So let’s talk about Electronic artists, the deep sea of tens of thousands, great song but only 3 listened on Soundcloud? That’s strange, then you have someone who makes a more common genre in the 1000s. I’ve seen it many times, they have few followers, about 20 but make amazing music. People use to search for new music but they are so brainwashed by the media that they don’t search out these hidden artists. If I hadn’t by accident clicked on a artist one day “Lie Craze” I wouldn’t be her friend now, and she had probably 3 followers, hardly any plays, and she is greatly talented. It use to be about finding something that whets your appetite, because people do grow tired of hearing the next drop. To me music is a personal adventure, and if we’re doing nothing more than listening to the same top 10 all the time, we’re ignoring some amazing talent. Many of these artists I’ve heard in the underground are doing things that I believe will be the next major change in the years to come. Much like the rebellion of punk, now these folks just make music for the love of it. I simply stepped into their huge world and continue to find more great acts. 

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