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Tumblr posts: full of lot’s of explicative wordage that’s mostly useless and offensive, and yet all I wanted was to post some quotes.
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Kirkjufell, Iceland (by Coolbiere. A.)

Now I know Skyrim exists, beautiful.

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Synthesizer Videos - Vintage Synthesizer And Contemporary Synths At Work
minimal set (mini drum machine+mini synth) #korg #monotribe #op-1 #teenage_engineering #white_lips #synth #synthesizer #drum_machine
by white_lips_prj

These Teenage Engineering Op-1’s might look cool but they are overrated and highly overly expensive.

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I hate the thumb

I hate the thumb

By Almark

Do you remember the days when people actually spoke about something in detail or commented about a thing? Since Facebook was introduced back in 2011 to me more and more use the thumb to add like to everything they read. I’m dying. 50 likes and other things. The usual text comment has been dumbed down to a single thumb, why? Indifference, it’s convenient to speak so little these days,…

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The beggars hand.

Ah, the life of, help me out, give me a hand, the beggars hand. That’s what happens in the ongoing collapse of a worlds economy, one person neither has the money for a album, single or anything related to music. We as musicians go the music way as a career because we feel confident in that light, we aren’t there by accident but we also can’t make it without the help of our fans, so what do we do? We ask for donations as a means to survive the plummet downwards. As the means to put more money into a lifelong passion continues, we continue to need help pursuing it. You see you can’t live the dream of being independent these days, even in a indie way, promotion becomes hot air and the musician slowly dries up from frustration, bad sales, low stats, no listens and the band plays on. If you took a poll on what the adv solo artist makes every year on their music it might astound you that we make less than one 16 year olds paycheck at McDonald’s, not per weekly basis but per year, one paycheck per year. With the ongoing attempt at finding new ways to make a buck we’re forced to ask our fans for help by begging, and yes it feels humiliating, it is the ultimate humbling effect, things go through our minds such as; is my music really good enough to ask for such a gift? The price of coffee isn’t high yet but music continues to be less important than a cup of coffee, and the one that is better for you remains ignored. After a while with any endeavor if it does not continue to flourish one leaves it completely to avoid utter insanity, but in the case of the musician we can’t drop something we love doing, our music is our work and life, we have it whether or not it makes us a living or makes people happy, but most of all it makes us happy, it isn’t wrong to use your talent to help yourself, but frankly in the down slide of a darkening world such as post 2010 it’s just getting harder even with the Internet and the various mass of beat smashers that come out of the woodwork whenever you feel safe to proceed. We make the best of it with the beggars hand, please try to understand this is the only way, think about how it makes us feel when you listen to our work for free constantly and it says 5 dollars under the album and you get yourself a cup of coffee instead. 
Until next time.

If you would like to donate, it helps more than you imagine, 50 cents 1 dollar, it doesn’t matter. Buying music is even better, then you can go home with something to listen to.

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Spent the day mixing a live recording. Definitely digging the digidesign C24

It would be nice to have a mixing console, ah bliss.

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I often wonder why when I send a message to a tumblr follower that they never return my messages. If I were to remove that follower, do you think then they would notice?
People in general these days are very self-absorbed so this doesn’t surprise me. But if I did remove you ‘said’ person you would send me a message and ask me, “Why did you remove me?” I would say, because you never spoke to me after 4 times in 2 months.. Harsh? Not really
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Tired of the music world.

Tired of the music world.

When a persons music is too far away from the norm it becomes ignored, neglected and even shunned by many. It was an experiment and nothing more in 2010 when I released my music to the net, for a while it was catching on but when you’re different, people really don’t want to hear it. After a while you feel insulted, sales are shit, that’s a given, and the list goes on. I am tired of the Internet…

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Tired of the music world.

When a persons music is too far away from the norm it becomes ignored, neglected and even shunned by many. It was an experiment and nothing more in 2010 when I released my music to the net, for a while it was catching on but when you’re different, people really don’t want to hear it. After a while you feel insulted, sales are shit, that’s a given, and the list goes on. I am tired of the Internet at times, I am tired of trying to get people to hear different “this doesn’t mean I will stop making different.” There is so much effort put into a thing such as music sharing that if people do not hear something that is familiar to them they ignore it. It’s not that they think it’s bad music, it’s just not familiar to them. In the world of musician you really are competing to be heard, forget the sales just being heard, after a while when you start to hate the music world and not the music it’s time to call it a day. Yes I am bitter towards it, with all those days of promotion, looking at my bandcamp and seeing all the skipped songs and partials, after a while one takes it personal. I am a seasoned musician but my music isn’t for the people of the world, I know this now, sure some might like, 10 maybe, I find it puzzling but this is what happens when you buck the system of music sounding the same to everyone. On the contrary a lot of my music is very different and some might like it, but all in all it’s pretty ignored. Sure you might think it’s wrong to feel this way but you’re going through it too, and when you read it you’ll understand that the musical roller coaster is pretty hard sometimes, one hit we make is loved for a while then everything else we do is ignored and it’s just as good. People are fickle and cruel in their judgment without saying a word. I look at Bandcamp on my gmail and see all my friends buying people’s albums, then I say what happened? Nothing at all, I’m just different, and I like it that way, no I won’t change for anyone, I’ll never do dubstep, EDM, Dance, Pop, because those genres do not move me, I have to go where I”m moved, they only love what you do after you’re gone. Sure I’ll release new songs in the future but I’m pretty burned out from the music world. Until next time.

Addendum: I stopped doing music only for myself and that was a mistake, once I get back to doing it just for the sake of loving it then I will feel confident again. Don’t waste your time on people liking what you do because you will never please people. Keep doing whatever it is, shun the masses, break free from it, think outside the box, be a music rebel, you have to or you will die artistically.

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It’s hard to really care now.

Everyone that knows me knows that I write completely honest so here is one more thing. I haven’t written direct to tumblr in a long time, but all of my writings go through wordpress these days. I didn’t want to completely neglect tumblr. With the way things are how does one really care anymore? Releasing album after album song after song and only touching a fraction of those who follow you, it gets pretty discouraging. There is something very wrong with social media, it is over-run with a mass of diverseness. So much so that you can be completely ignored. With each link you add you have to post those links again every 30 mins just to get someone’s attention but this is considered spamming. The truth of the matter is, I’m tired of trying, with each passing day I lose more and more interest in being heard, I get more and more to the point where I don’t care anymore, sales stopped, traffic stopped on bandcamp, and I do look at my stats.

What happened? Suddenly everything goes dark and you’re not sure why, the music world wants hiphop, dubstep, dance and EDM, sure it wants rock too but for Electronic sake we’re speaking of these genres. There is so much of that type of music that I would say 80% of who follow me in twitter listen to it and more, the vocal-less side of Electronic, which is pure Electronic is ignored. You have to find that target audience but it’s very hard because when you have 700 hiphop people following you how is that possible? It’s all very unbalanced, in the beginning I was very picky about who I added to twitter, tumblr and soundcloud, but in order to have numbers, listeners, you have to have a open mind, you have to give everyone a chance to hear it. But personally, this type of music I create isn’t for those types, sure some might like it but those who actually do enjoy are eaten up by the mass who follow. I’m afraid that something is going to have to done soon or I will never find a target audience and slowly go into ‘unheard’ mode. I have way too many hiphop people, EDM’sters and Pop singers following me in twitter, I never wanted it that way, it just happened that way. My target audience is wrong for what I do, it’s also a waste of a time.

Over 80% who follow me in twitter never speak, they are nothing more than people who want a follower so they get more followers. Sure twitter is interesting but what if you want to control what you see in your twitter home? You can’t when you’re following people who don’t fill your need. I don’t like to remove people from social sites, I’m a collector, I do collect people on the net, but if it’s doing nothing for my music or friendship, then it’s time to change it. I was thinking lately that putting all music on bandcamp to private would do just as much for me as it is now, because no one is noticing it, through all the promotion I had it’s just not causing any waves. Soon there will be a change and I apologize to anyone, I have to do this to. If we met a year ago and we never speak well that’s just life I guess, I keep people who are fond of me and my music and those who are supporters. These people know who they are and I will never remove them. The types who I will have to remove are the EDM’sters, hiphop people and the follow me back types. I want to critique my twitter to what I do, it’s gotten out of hand. Until next time.

thanks to EDMminer, i just removed over 1500 people who never speak to me, never interact and never listen to my music, I cut my followers by 70%, it’s a lot but its a start.

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I liked it so much I had to reblog.

I liked it so much I had to reblog.

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Who’s Listening anyway?

Who’s Listening anyway?

By Almark

It’s been very obvious that the Indie world of music is being ignored. I can go to an YouTube video and find that only 10 have looked, 20 if they’re lucky. Where have people gone? It leads me to believe that the internet is a place to promote new music anymore. It use to be booming with success, you heard about someone posting a new song and it because a hit, record producers were all…

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