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Make it viral, great electronic music.

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We are the New Underground

I’m inviting a select few but if you add your electronic music and it’s very good and original I’ll be sure to add you to the group. Please I’m not looking for EDM, brostep, as they call it or hiphop, unless it’s artistic without vocals, hiphop, you get the idea.

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We are the new underground.

Every generation of music has something to say, the Internet is no different. There seem to be groups of artists on the web that all have something in common, Electronic. And many of these people have become friends. I will list them below, and who knows, maybe we’ll all end up on record label compilations, myself included, someday.

1. - Experimental, Urban, Electro. Avant-Garde

2. - Ambient, Experimental

3. - Electronic

4. - Avant-Garde, Experimental

5. - DnB, Dubstep, Drumstep

6. - Techno and more

7. (myself) Electronic, Abstract, Experimental, cut-up, Sampling, Synthwave

8. - Modular electronic

9 - Experimental

10. - Electronic

11. - Electronic

12. - Electronic

13. - Electronic

14. - New wave, Electronic

15 - Dark electronic, Industrial, Experimental

16. - DnB, Experimental Dubstep, Urban

17. - Avant-Garde, Experimental

18. - Berlin Electropop and more

19. - Electronic

20. Pal Zoltan Illes - Cinematic Electronic

21. - Aussie Electronic

22. - Chillhouse, Chillout, Funk, Electronic

23. - Glitchfield Plains - Experimental 

24. - Avant-Garde, Dark Ambient, Classical, Industrial

25. - Electronic, Experimental, UK dubstep

26. - Dreamy Mellow, Ambient, 

27. - Experimental, Ambient, Avant-Garde

28. - Ambient, Experimental, Jazz

29. - Avant-Garde, Experimental, Classical, Textured

30.  - Electronica and more

31. - Electronic, Avant-Garde, sampling and more.

32. - Electronic, EBM


A lot of these artists are very talented, this music is what is happening now, not what you hear in the mainstream. This is real music with feeling and depth, do have a listen. I may add more because there are so many more, even those whom I don’t know.

This group is now open on Soundcloud, send a track or two and I’ll listen and add you if it fits the criteria.

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To be a musician you have to have an alter ego, he/she is who makes all your decisions, a split personality making the music.
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You see, the art of Electronic music is massive once you break free of the dance bubble, you have entered the void or vacuum of the infinite.
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I’ve given up a million times

If you’re a musician, you know how it feels to feel ignored or neglected, but you still try. We don’t write music to appease others, we write it for ourselves, the crazy thing is we share our creation with the world when we release it, here ya go, listen to this. Then we might get 1 2 listens, but at least someone is listening. There are moments in a musicians life where they feel completely alone, you think no one is listening, you think the last album was your glory and all that is ended now and people found something else to do.

The insecurities run through our mind, a grown adult having these stupid thoughts, but it’s all true. Musicians are extremely sensitive, it’s no wonder they call us crazy. Some of us just hold it in and go on, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t bother us. Take modern day, the time where the Internet is your music label, one big place to spread yourself around. You just make a new single, post it, instantly 50 people clicked it, but only 2 really listened. After a while we stop looking at the stats because stats are depressing and kind of a curse, especially Bandcamp. It’s all one thing, to be heard, to at least hear what others have to say, now if you have fans they praise you, this is great, or that’s pretty good, if you hear a hint of difference from your last creation it’s like well ok I guess that’s the way it is, since you make music for yourself it’s not that big of a deal. What bothers me is when someone is hateful, and I get that very rarely. So we put the music on YouTube, Facebook, Reddit and continue promoting our newest single, months go by, you might gain a few more fans, fans are like fruit on a new tree, it takes a very long time for them to grow.

Media driven music brings in more fans but that’s only if you’re with Capital records. The indie musician just puts themselves out there to be heard, it doesn’t matter where. You see, I loathe the music industry, but I love the underground, and even it’s hard to be heard there. The mass of music is so huge that it would take one person 100 years to hear it all just one person, probably longer. That’s just one years worth most likely, let’s be fair 3 years worth. There are music mood swings, I’d like to call them, before I started to share this music I never had them, I just made music and only my immediate family heard what I was doing and supported me fully. But when you release the music to be heard by strangers you’re putting yourself on a limb, a big one, it’s a chance I took in 2010, first in IRC rooms, Facebook, Bandcamp, Soundcloud then finally twitter. I didn’t see anything monumental until twitter in 2012/2013. I could see real interest taking place, people would comment, listen and like and share, then I put my music on various sites and promotional friends would share my music via RT, that’s how it happens. And you might think, wow I’m going somewhere now I can try to sell, well I did that in 2014 and it worked for a while then died months later, still not sure why, but my other posts reveal my bitterness toward that, which is now subsiding. 

Why do we try, and try and try, I mean we’re glued to music, I’ve often thought if this continues and I get annoyed enough I will go back to the time where I made music without sharing it, but then I realize, that’s not really something you can do. You’ve tasted what it feels like to connect with others via your music, it’s actually wrong to take that away from people who love what you do, if you’re lucky enough to have those people and I think I may have a few. They usually surprise me, out of the blue one day people say, I love what you do, you inspire me, hey that’s pretty powerful! So these are the things I would be missing. This music is experimental, it’s hard to even get people to hear it, much less buy it, but as time goes on it slowly and I mean crawls up a mountain. What I’m doing is art, and I can’t break from it no matter what. I go where I want to go musically, or should I say the music takes me to where it wants to go and I follow. If I want to use panes of glass to make a weird wobble I will, because that’s music to me. I can’t just do what others want to hear, and that makes me pretty much abstract and Avant-Garde. But in doing what I wish, luring some who are craving different, and for that I appreciate their support. Until next time.

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Rant #2039482042099

In a world of ever changing music styles you learn when you’re beaten. I make Electronic Avant-Garde, it’s very abstract, its different, underground and nowhere near mainstream and I like it that way. But it’s extremely hard to market, I understand now that you can’t win without being somewhat familiar to the ears of others, but if every musician thought that way then techno would have been forever and never branched out into other sub-genres. DnB would have never been born, acid, Industrial and so on. These days there is a mighty wall blocking many from exploring electronic music in a whole, the wall is EDM. It is a impenetrable fortress of noise.

So really this is the worse time for a experimental artist to try and break through, while there is nothing anyone can do about it, the masses or even the small groups aren’t looking for anything new, they have found what they want, they have their catch, it is EDM. EDM is America’s version of Electronic, a over-hyped recycled version of Electronic, with it’s formula that continues to repeat from DJ to DJ, why? Why isn’t Electronic music progressing in the mainstream anymore?

By now you know I absolutely loathe the stuff, and I’m ok to admit it, other people who actually listen to different types of electronic do as well. You see this siren boom boom boom anthem showroom noise is the enemy of anything that wants to be different, many give in to it’s hype and end up becoming a sell-out, not me, no way. The thing I do is stay on course, hoping to inspire a few with my void-music, and where I stand I will not change, I will progress but only for the sake of my feelings, if I can’t make music that moves me, why would I want to go to EDM or Hiphop, both extremely huge, that and dubstep, and 3 do not move me. It’s hard to find fans at this juncture of time because all the media ever talks about is EDM, but there is more music out there you see, and I wish others would experience the real of the underground, they really don’t have a excuse, we have soundcloud, tumblr, YouTube, Bandcamp, where many indie musicians are thriving, only without listeners. Until next time.

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New single A-Test

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I love a great music


I love a great music

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This world effects our attitude sometimes.

This world effects our attitude sometimes.

By Almark

By nature we’re not angry or resentful, we grow up conditioned. It starts with kids who pick on you, they might not even touch you, they simple pick at you at a early age, calling you names usually, then later you get the real bullies. Then we grow up, go through the usual relationships, bad breakups, good break ups, being fired from our jobs or not having real success. I’m the observer…

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I’m bitter at the music industry.

And I’m not the only person who is, I’m also not someone to give up easy, I’ll fight till the end, but when it plays on my emotions it’s time to stop. It was as easy as making a decision, once I made this decision but it didn’t stick because I had some hope left in me but now… The decision was easy, stop selling, stop asking and stop promoting to sell. There is a huge drop in album sales from 2013 - 2014 for everyone, the music industry has become a failed business, and it might work for some, it’s not working for most. I want to get back to making music, ignoring sales, ignoring the worry of it, because I can’t do it anymore, it was driving me insane and putting me in a fowl mood.

The attitude has shifted back to the time before I setup Paypal that is 2013, before I tried to sell, I was happier, I had more spirit in me to make music. Having that nagging feeling, even a little bit “will I sell” I’ll try to sell today, and then you get no results is pretty annoying to anyone, and my patience is only so much. Do or die in this world, well I’ll burn one bridge to save another, if it was my way I would well, I better not.

This might sound bleak but I predict in the next couple of years that music sales will drop even more, until finally no musician outside of a label will be able to sell more than 10 albums a year, it’s a failed business, I don’t make these things up. I do try to be positive about things but my god man, when you fight that much and promote till you drop and actually get some sales in the beginning then nothing, then dead and dead for months on end after a while it’s like why continue?

A person gets tired of asking, tired of begging, buy my music, buy, i know you listen but will you buy? It’s both mentally exhausting and degrading. This decision might not last forever, but it feels good for now, and with me when I close a door it’s closed tightly and only my will can open it again, and usually I don’t will it to be open, until next time..

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People keep telling me that my music sounds like “Aphex Twin” and while this is flattering, it was never the intention. I do my own thing.
Yet, Aphex Twin isn’t a influence, Severed Heads was back in 2000 for me, and that music is so different, no one sounds like Tom Ellard. I have many so-called influences, but I’m a eclectic musician, and do many things, so I guess you’re right.

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